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Nov. 17, 2021

Did you know that Tampa Bay has an Island?

Davis Islands Tampa Bay Premier Community

Davis Islands Bech


You’re tired after a long day. Stoplight delays add to the stress of the workday.   But thanks to the convenient location of your home on Davis Islands you know you will make it. You can make it to that wonderful sign welcoming you across the bridge to your own little community. You feel your shoulders relax and that sigh of relief as you look to your left and see beautiful Downtown Tampa lit up with encouragement. Then look to the right and see the calmness of the Bay.

To the residents of Davis Islands, this is one of the luxuries they face coming home. The small community of only eight hundred seventy-five acres is one that provides a little bit of everything for its residents. Davis Islands is one of the safest locations in Tampa Bay therefore you can feel great about raising your family within this community. It is very common to see families walking or riding their Golf Carts to and from spots on the island. If you have any budding baseball stars, Bayshore Little League Minors Field can be the perfect place for them to meet other teams and sharpen their talents. Davis Islands Park is in the field’s view for siblings or family members to play on their playground. Fun for all. Davis Islands has the perfect community for fending off the summer heat! There is a public pool as well as local beaches. The local beaches provide docking entry for your boats and even a separate Dog Beach for man’s best friend.

For individuals seeking to take on new hobbies or adventures, Davis Island Yacht Club is the perfect spot for boating especially sailing. They offer  Youth Sailing Classes that connect a unique community in itself. There is nothing better than a Saturday morning at Davis Islands Beach watching the sailboats race. If the intimacy of Davis Islands beaches is not fulfilling your beach day desires when living on Davis Islands you are always an hour away from another beach; Sarasota, St Pete Beach, and top-ranked Clearwater Beach being the top contenders.

Aside from the convenience of the Island itself, the homes are stunning. Each one with a personality of its own to showcase the “home” they are. What you will love about living on Davis Island is the residential bandwidth. You may see a recent college graduate like myself, families,  or maybe brush shoulders with a Tampa Bay Lightning player or Buccaneers Football player. If you want to love Tampa as much as I do, you know these are all crucial aspects of our community.

Speaking of exceptional sports, Davis Islands is roughly 2 miles from Amelie Arena and 5 miles from Raymond James Stadium, which means you never have to miss a game. Another great thing about Davis Islands is its location within the city! The walkability is fantastic as Davis Islands connects to Bayshore Boulevard the longest continuous sidewalk in the United States and the Tampa Riverwalk so there are many routes you can choose from without having to cross a busy street.

Many Americans are engulfed with their work and family responsibilities and understand the importance of getting out of the house, seeing a smiling face or feeling the sunshine on your cheeks. Davis Islands offers breathtaking views, my favorite being the view from the canal. I can see downtown Tampa and my neighbors starting their day with an encouraging morning breeze or winding down with a sunset of pinks, oranges, and yellows.

If you are looking for the feeling of a close-knit community but the benefits of city life, Davis Islands is the home for you.

Beach on Davis Islands

Oct. 5, 2021

Hayes Park Minor Subdivision

Hayes Park

     I bet you have seen the pictures of fire pits and outdoor fireplaces reflecting in a Florida swimming pool and wondered is this really possible. Land is at a premium in Central Florida, when you live in this part of Florida you are no more than 2 hours from either coast. You can imagine how many people are flooding to Florida during this historic time of migration. We think some of those people want the whole experience, they want to spread out with their families in homes on lots that allow for the fire pit and the swimming pool and the RV barn to all have a place. Most communities are built by regional or national home builders and those tracts of land are sliced into slivers to provide minimum outdoor space for families, their toys, and their pets, big homes on small lots are the norm.  We love our neighbors but knowing what they are grilling and how many folks are swimming in their pool is not the lifestyle we love best. We love our own space where the teens can gather to shoot hoops and the extended family can drop by to check out the garden plot after work. A special place where we mingle and visit without being confined by the community. Hayes Park has been recently created and it is a minor subdivision. The deed restrictions undergird the value but there is no community development district and no homeowner's association. Your home your way on your land is the appeal of this community. Only six lots and two of those are already sold. Lots 2, 3, 4, and 5 are available. We can suggest a custom builder or you can bring your own. Owning a home in Florida is a dream for so many we hope Hayes Park will be the terra firma that provides the base to create a magical world of your own.

     As discussed earlier Dover Florida is in Central Florida. It is an area just east of Valrico Florida. The country surrounds the community but the shopping and schools are nearby. Highway 60 crosses Florida from Clearwater's World Famous Beaches to the west or Vero Beach to the East. The Magic Kingdom is about an hour northeast and Lakeland and Tampa are easy commutes. 

     You have two years to build so buy the lot now and take your time putting the final touches on your Florida Dream Home.

MLS# T3328940


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April 14, 2021

Inspection Results in a Seller’s Market

Home Inspections are purchased by the buyers.  Buyers are prudent when they hire a licensed inspector to take an objective, expert view of a home.   Sellers are protected when buyers have a home inspection because there could be a latent defect uncovered that should be acknowledged prior to the transfer of the deed at closing. 


Inspectors are like your most picky Aunt Bee who comes with the white glove and checks out under the sink while she slips away to powder her nose only to return with an opinion on your most recent thorough cleaning.  Uncle Albert has nothing on the home inspector. Sure he knows insulation and everybody knows it’s important but this home inspector not only knows insulation but the seer rating on the a/c system and all critical elements for a homebuyer who is rushed to make a buying decision in a seller’s market. 


The 4 point inspection is a thorough report that notes issues with the systems in the home. The 4pt. can trip up the insurance provider and in turn cause issues for the Lender.   

What is a 4 point inspection in Florida?


A 4 point inspection looks at the 4 major systems (Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC) in an older home.   An insurance company wants to know that an older home has been well maintained, and the major systems are in good working condition. This is not a safety inspection.  They are done by a licensed inspector or building contractor. 


Here is what a 4 point inspection looks at:


  • Roof -  Type of Roof Covering (shingles, tile, rolled). The age and condition of the roof. Are there missing shingles or leaks?
  • Electrical System -  The type of wiring in the home (copper, aluminum, knob and tube). The brand of the electrical panel. The condition of the home's electrical system.
  • Heating and Cooling - Is there central heat and air in the home? The age and condition of the system. Are there signs of leaking?
  • Plumbing System -    Type of supply and drain lines found in the home (copper, CPVC, galvanized, lead, polybutylene, etc. Is there evidence of current leaks?  The age of the hot water heater.


Newer homes do not present as many issues but the complete home inspection will verify the maintenance and condition of the home so a buyer is prepared for future expenses. 


Working with a real estate professional is a first step in being sure when you purchase a home in Florida you understand the contract and it’s protections for both buyer and seller. 

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April 7, 2021

Why work with a selling agent?

Selling Agent

The real estate sale process in Florida is most often handled by two REALTORS.  Agents here can be hired by sellers to sell their home. This is referred to as a listing. The agent works for a Broker who provides certain tools to be sure a home is properly represented in the marketplace. The listing agent is expected to work with the seller to determine a fair and marketable selling price. Once a price is established the listing agent will begin to develop the marketing plan for a particular property including professional photographs, video work, and at times drone work. Through our multiple listing service, which is a fee-based system, agents then present the price, pictures, and personality of the home first to the real estate sales community and then through syndication to a myriad of other sites.  Agents can immediately monitor the reach of the syndication and the interest in the property with insight tools. 

The selling agent on a given transaction is an agent who is helping a buyer locate a home that meets their goals for a home.  Each buyer has a different lens through which to view properties based on their varied living experiences. A good real estate sales agent is consistently watching the market to understand what is available and where the next opportunity for a buyer may be found.  A buyer would expect their agent to have recommendations for lenders and services necessary to turn a home into a house. 

Listing agents co-operate with selling agents fully. Our working arrangement is based on shared values and our commitment to our Code of Ethics which spells out our responsibility to meet the needs of bother sellers and buyers to be sure there is a meeting of the minds by both parties and a successful closing that meets the needs of all parties. 


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March 24, 2021

How can I buy a new home?

Buying a new home from a builder is possible in the current market but all the rules have changed.

1.  The builders will not accept a contract contingent on the sale of your home.

2.  The demand for new homes is very strong.

3.  The role of the realtor has changed, our role is to educate and help evaluate your housing options. 


We stay informed on the next development, the build-out percentage in the current communities, And the requirements for entering into an agreement.


Builders build Spec Homes. These are homes built by a national or local builder for a buyer when the home is complete. The builder’s staff works with the builder to determine which floor plan to build and how to finish the home with regards to structural changes and cosmetic finishes. The Builder speculates that a buyer will come along and buy it when complete. These homes are called inventory homes. What you see is what you get.

We are consistently reaching out to builders in the greater Tampa community to determine who has what and for how much. Due to increased demand and shortages in the building supply pipeline. And the length of time required for an approved permit from the county to build the home our efforts must be steady.  Builders are scrambling to meet demand. 


To Be Built with Trac Builder. This is a way to purchase where we go to the builder and make decisions. 1st is which community, 2nd which lot, 3rd which model they offer, and last how do you want to personalize the home. This involves more time at the current pace nearly a year from start to finish. At the closing, you will have finished the home with all your favorite features and your choice of elevation, roof color, and even the tile. 


Custom Home Builders: These are the builders who construct a home on the lot you own. They build the house exactly as you want it. You provide the house plan and all the details that make it the dream home you have worked so hard for. The financing of these homes is a topic for another blog but it is doable. 


Realtors keep up with the building industry, Our role is to help you make the best possible decision for you and your family.   Tampa Bay real estate is increasing in value in the current financial environment. Our community is attracting people from all over the US. If you want to move let us help you. 


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March 17, 2021

What is the Escalation Clause?

The escalation clause is an additional term that is added to the purchase offer. This term tells the seller of a home that you are willing to purchase the home for more than those buyers who have an interest in the same home.

This clause says we will escalate our offer by X amount of dollars over your highest offer. A buyer can set a maximum amount for the offer as well.  Here is an example:

We will pay you $2,000 more for your home than any other buyer. We will pay up to say $12000 over the list price. In addition, you can say that you will pay the increased price even if the loan appraisal does not support the agreed price.  That means as the buyer you have to be prepared with more cash. 

An experienced agent may suggest an escalation clause be added to your purchase offer to give you a better opportunity to execute a contract. 

We continue to stay focused on the needs of buyers and sellers.  

Tampa Bay Real Estate 

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March 10, 2021

Another Perspective on Florida













We have called Florida home for 5 generations.  From the vast groves of central Florida and the cattle ranches that dot the land between the coasts to the beach villages and shoreline cities, Florida can be paradise.   We have plenty of sunshine. We have storms both tropical and dramatic. We have people moving here every day from all over the US and beyond. 

You have heard of Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Daytona, and Orlando. But what about Wauchula, Brooksville, and Parrish are you aware of these communities? If you are planning a move to Florida, we have homes for you to purchase but you might want to consider the remote areas.  With commute times less important and flexibility meaning more now, you can be in the driver’s seat and find your place in the Sun.  Because Florida is a Peninsula if you buy here you will live no more than 2 hours from the beach no matter where you buy.   This is the beauty of it all, better still there are airports at least that close throughout the state and professional sports teams that close, the list goes on and on. 

The lakes and rivers provide beauty for relaxation and opportunities for fishing.   Oh, I need to remind you this is horse country as well. 

Sometimes you think you know where you want to go and sometimes you just want a fresh start. We are Yellowfin Realty, founded in 2009 in the toughest Real Estate Market in a generation, we intend to help 500+ families with their real estate needs in 2021. How can we help you? 

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March 3, 2021

The Leaseback

Leaseback to Seller

So you want to move, we hear you loud and clear. The kids are home way more than in years past.

Working from home sounds great until you are sharing the workspace with a spouse, roommate, or at-home college student.   So what do you do…a new house is a great idea – outdoor space is a plus, a home office would alleviate congestion and an extra bedroom is essential.  

You are no longer commuting so now that you think about it, you can relocate further out from town or even to the beach but all you hear is there are no homes available. Who wants to sell their home and walk into the world of the unknown in a year of uncertainty. 

It is time for the leaseback. We put your home on the market so you can take advantage of the high demand for houses. We find a buyer who not only pays you want but understands your challenge and agrees to allow you to leaseback your home for 30, 60, 90 days while we find you your next home. Now your offer is no longer contingent on the sale of your home, you have your cash and you are a competitive buyer. We will help you find that next space. You could even build a new home and we can help with that as well. 

We need to open up the logjam of demand by walking with sellers to help them get into the marketplace this spring 2021.    

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Aug. 10, 2020

Carefree Living Available in Brandon


Looking to live your life without all of the worry of having to do exterior maintenance?   Now may be a great time to purchase a Brand New Townhome.

Enjoy owning your own home without being tied down every day off working in the yard.  You can go out and enjoy your downtime, exploring the outdoors, visiting with family and friends then come home to relax.

Brandon offers a few Brand New Townhome communities that are all selling quickly!  Please reach out to us for assistance with purchasing your new townhome.  Builders enjoy working with Realtors, they pay us for our services; not you.  But, we are here to represent you.  There are some great incentives being offered right now to purchase new construction.  Call us today for more details.

The Retreat by D.R.Horton- Located in South Brandon off Kings Avenue, sells the Glen & Vale floor plans-3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths both have a 1 car garage with a 2 car driveway. The Vale (end unit) offers a loft area upstairs. All of D.R. Horton's townhomes are built with all block construction on the 1st and 2nd stories. All appliances including the Washer/Dryer are included with your home. The Retreat is a small, quaint gated community close to I-75, The Crosstown Expressway as well as local Brandon shopping. Pricing starts from the $211's. HOA fee includes water, gate, exterior maintenance. NO CDD Fee! 

The District by D.R. Horton- The District is located off Bloomingdale Avenue and sells the same floor plans as The Retreat.  The District is a little larger, gated community located within a great school district-(Brooker, Burns and Bloomingdale).  All block construction as well as all Appliances and granite countertops in the kitchen are included with your home.  This locations offers some great shopping, restaurants and pricing starts from the $221's. HOA fee includes water, gate, exterior maintenance. NO CDD Fee! 

Timbers at Williams Landing by Ryan Homes- Timbers at Williams Landing offers the lowest priced new Townhomes in Brandon, with all of the finishes and features you want to come home to being included-Granite, 42" Cabinets and All Appliances. They also offer a Main floor Owner's Suite.  In Timbers at Williams Landing, you can own a home for less than rent! With NO CDD fees and exterior maintenance included, you'll have more free time and money for doing the Fun things you love most. Easy access to the Interstate, business complexes and local Brandon shopping, restaurants.

If you are looking to purchase New Construction outside of the Brandon area, we can help you as well!  There are some great townhome communities; let us know how we can help you find your next home. 


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Aug. 4, 2020

New Single Family Homes in Brandon

New Construction in Brandon is limited right now, as far as Single Family home offerings; but have you heard about Brooker Ridge? If you are looking to live in old Brandon, but prefer a brand new home, this may be the community for you. It is tucked back off John Moore Road on 35 acres-you wouldn't necessarily know it is there. If you would like to tour this beautiful, quaint gated community, please give us a call. We would love the opportunity to talk with you about New Construction and all the benefits of purchasing a brand new home.  As a Realtor, we are happy to represent you with your new home purchase and must register you with the on site sales agent prior to your visit.

Brooker Ridge is a D.R. Horton community consisting of 120 homes-between Lumsden and Bloomingdale Avenue. It is located within a great school district (Brooker, Burns and Bloomingdale); with a low HOA fee and NO CDD! D.R. Horton offers all block construction even on their two-story homes. Community pricing starts from the $280's, with 3-5 bedrooms, 2-4 bathrooms and 2 & 3 car garage homes being offered. 

They are selling quickly due to their great Brandon location.  Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or would like to take a tour of Brooker Ridge.  


Builder's work with Realtors everyday and our fee is covered by the builder. You do not have to go alone. Call us or PM for details on extra incentives and promotions offered in this community and others. 

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