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Aug. 29, 2022

Blue Sky and Sunshine

We all want a bit of good news. Well here it is - we have completed the Covid Avalanche of Real Estate Sales. No longer do you need to pick the only house available to you for your next home. - No more panic attacks while you wonder, wonder, wonder not who wrote the book of love, but if you WIN the bid on the house you love.
If you are selling you do not have to be ready for the tsunami of buyers and wonder if the offer is even from someone who has actually been to your home. Your home deserves serious consideration from buyers who have walked the lot and tallied the upgrades. If you are selling you are yet in a very strong position. We are in Florida. We started Yellowfin Realty in 2009 and focused on selling Blue Sky and Sunshine to people. The "market" was battered and bruised. Blue Sky and Sunshine continue to attract people from all over the world to our Peninsular Paradise.
Blue Sky and Sunshine
In the wake of inflationary trends and unknown price adjustments in rents and life essentials, May I suggest that homeownership is foundational to setting a cost anchor in place. A home is a place of security in a sea of uncertainty.
Real estate is local, well priced homes in good locations command attention from buyers - buyers are out right now in force enjoying the pursuit of a next-level home or first home. Agents are hosting Open Houses to allow buyers to consider neighborhoods and floor plans better to identify the right home at the right time.
The right time to buy or sell is when you are ready or have a want or need to do so. There is no wrong time. Rates are stabilizing, prices are too. The demand has stabilized so the prices are as well.
We are experienced in bringing buyers and sellers together. We love what we do. Our team can help you each step of the way.
July 8, 2022

5 Amazing Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer 2022

5 Amazing Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer 2022

Well, Folks, Summertime is here. Our sunshine state in all her glory. Now Floridians can take the heat but there is nothing better than taking refuge by water. Yellowfin Realty is here to help you find that refuge. As a locally owned business, we have first-hand experience in these incredible locations. Here our top 5 spots to make the most of your summer.

Alafia River Canoe Rentals Inc

Let us start close to home. Alafia River Canoe Rentals Inc. Alafia River is a great place to start. Mosy along the meandering river while enjoying the views of cypress trees. The cypress trees are so deeply rooted in place you will be in awe of their beauty and the history around you. Spanish Moss drapes along the river becoming your guardian of shade. Take time to appreciate nature. We like to imagine ourselves as explorers who are seeing Florida’s wilderness for the first time. Don’t forget to look for alligators and other wildlife. Alafia River Canoe Rentals is locally owned. Anticipate an intimate welcome from the owner. Though this location does not have a website Yellowfin Realty has all the details. The address is 

4419 River Dr, Valrico, FL 33596 and is open every day from 8am-7pm. They have canoes and Kayaks for rent. $25 for canoes and $20 for kayaks. Yes, we triple-checked that for you. Only $25 tops to enjoy a day on the river. Call 813-689-8645 to reserve or ask any questions.

Lithia Springs Conservation Park


Lithia Springs Conservation Park has everything “summer”. Trails, Camping, Swimming, fishing, picnic areas, you name it. Yellowfin Realty loves this location because one moment your on a busy street and the next you are secluded. Taking a deep breath to ground yourself amongst nature. Bringing your attention back to water refuge, the park offers a great swimming area. This park is famous for offering swimming in a natural spring, The Lithia Springs Major. The Lithia Springs Major stays 72 degrees year-round ensuring reprieve during these 90-degree summer days.  Due to the extent of relaxation this location provides, be sure to call ahead. The entrance fee is $2 per vehicle and $2 per person to swim. Click here for more information.



Weeki Wachee Kayaking


Have you seen pictures showing crystal clear river views? Well if so, this is where they are taken. Weeki Wachee River is a sure way to create a memory and a place you will go over and over again. The clear spring river stays 72 degrees year-round and can even be considered chilly after basking in the sun while kayaking. Weeki Wachee Kayaking is open every day from 9 am-5 pm you will enjoy a full day of spring fun. This location provides life vests, dry bags, and of course, kayaks. You can choose to venture solo or in tandem with a loved one. Pricing varies between $35-$45, but you do have a cheaper option if you bring your own kayak. Weeki Wachee Kayaking provides an efficient launch site, you can travel as far or as little as you would like. Some visitors like to bring food and beverages. You will have the option to stop at certain points along the river to enjoy the peace and beauty. After a day here expect sun-kissed skin and euphoria from using your body to kayak and enjoying the sunshine. This location is popular due to its efficiency so be sure to call ahead to book your spot. 

Weeki Wachee State Park


If you are ready to embrace your inner child and play. Weeki Wachi State Park is calling your name. Head over to Bucanneer’s Bay where you will find waterslides that send you flying into the cool spring water. You can also rent tubes and cruise the area. Buccaneer’s Bay has lifeguards stationed throughout the bay, which means you can relax if you bring children. There is plenty of space for swimming. Buccaneer’s Bay also offers refreshments. The adventure does not end here. Yes, the water is magical but the Weeki Wachee Mermaids takes the experience to a whole new level.   Head over to the amphitheater to partake in an interactive showing of The Little Mermaid. These beautiful mermaids will not disappoint. All ages are welcome to enjoy the show. Waterslides, 72-degree water, and sunshine, A Yellowfin Realty favorite, this park has it all… even mermaids. Please visit their website to check pricing and times. 

Eppersons MetroLagoons


Welcome to Eppersons MetroLagoons. The Lagoon has everything you can think of when it comes to summer relaxation. From paddleboards to floating cabanas, you won’t forget a day like this. Yellowfin Realty loves the live music and Sandbar. The Sandbar is a swim up tiki bar ready to provide you with tropical refreshments. MetroLagoon also offers food so you can have a full day of fun. For $12 you can challenge yourself to MetroLagoon’s floating obstacle course. The lagoon is a great way to enjoy a hot summer day. Check out their website for all events and times, so you don’t miss out on special occasions. 

Yellowfin Realty hopes you enjoy your summer of fun. Whether it is moving to Florida or finding a way to stay forever, we are here to help. Until next time!


April 29, 2022

Five Unique Cafes That Will Have You Ready to Work: Tampa


Five Unique Cafes That Will Have You Ready to Work: Tampa 



Deep Breath. In through the nose out through the mouth. You smell fresh coffee and hear some small talk as those around you enjoy their day. You’re on a mission. A mission to be productive and to feel that wonderful feeling of accomplishment. It’s taken some discipline to get here but now you’re ready to get things done. Yellowfin Realty is here to help set the mood for your productivity. 


Laptop *check*

Notebook *check*

Best pen ever *check*

Coffee *check*

Atmosphere  *check*


Tampa has so many options when it comes to workspaces. As most of us have transitioned to remote or hybrid work, one can easily find themselves in their homes every day. Why not treat yourself and your mind to a change of scenery. Yellowfin Realty is here to recommend our five favorite cafes. 


DI Coffee Bar



If you’re looking for a small-town feel within the city. DI Coffee Bar is the perfect spot for you. Nestled along a strip of local restaurants on Davis Islands; this is a great location to sit back, sip some coffee, and get some work done. DI Coffee Bar offers inside and outdoor seating. It is a favorite among the locals on the Island. DI Coffee Bar is unique because it uses Panther Coffee. Panther Coffee is Miami-based, so you can enjoy a true Floridan coffee. Despite their unique coffee, they offer some amazing food. Yellowfin Realty’s recommendation is their breakfast Cuban paired with a warm blueberry muffin. 


Here is another little surprise... If you didn’t catch the word “Bar” in the name, well they offer adult beverages. Perfect for the workers wanting to stay from early hours to early evening. DI Coffee Bar is open Monday-Friday 6:30am-9pm, Saturday 7:30 am-9pm, and Sunday 7:30am-6pm. Once you are caffeinated and work is accomplished, treat yourself by driving to the end of the island. You will find the Seaplane Basin Park. You will enjoy fresh air and waterfront views. The park is a simple luxury that will recharge your spirit and really set the mood for the rest of your day. 



Brew Buddy- Hyde Park

Buddy Brew Coffee is a franchise with many locations in Tampa. However, we want to highlight the Hyde Park location. Come to this location to enjoy a day or an hour in Hyde Park Village. With plenty of free parking, this is a convenient spot to get some work done. If you are in a hurry you can order online ahead of time. The best thing about doing some work in Hyde Park is there are plenty of places to sit. You can enjoy a table beside the central fountain. Sitting beside the fountain you get to see Hyde Park Village in action as people stroll in and out of the stores. With your stop at Buddy Brew, you will quickly find inspiration for future outings. 








The Blind Tiger-Ybor City


Take a trip to Tampa’s Historic city, Ybor. We are guiding you to The Blind Tiger. The Blind Tiger does have other locations but was founded here. Coming to the Ybor location truly gives you the Blind Tiger experience. The founders wanted to create a cafe with a speakeasy atmosphere. When you come into the shop if you are not welcomed by Ybor’s famous roosters, you will be welcomed by beautiful artworks and enticing aromas.


The Blind Tiger prides itself on creating unique flavors and delivering excellent customer service. Another great thing about this location is it does give you a chance to visit Ybor City, a city paved in Tampa History. The 137-year-old city is a hub for a variety of communities and cultures who come here to work, play, and enjoy the restaurants and bars. Ybor City is truly one of a kind and coming to the Blind Tiger will initiate you into Ybor ways. 




Oxford Exchange’s Brew Master 

 Oxford Exchange is a wonderful space for working or studying. When you walk in you are greeted by its charming bookstore. Our personal favorite. Take a stroll through it and be inspired by authors and stories alike.


Within Oxford Echange is The Brew Master, their coffee shop. Oxford Exchange has multiple vendors inside, including a restaurant. We recommend purchasing a wifi day pass and sitting in the main hall. Tall ceilings and natural light will be your companion as you take in the wonderful paintings and aesthetics around you. It truly is a stunning venue that will not disappoint. 








The Attic Cafe

A downtown experience, the Attic Cafe is located on the 4th floor of a historic building. Take in the downtown views on their balcony or enjoy some AC inside. This cafe is somewhat of a hidden gem given its location. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared by Chef Rosa. They serve locally roasted coffee. If you are not looking for coffee they also offer kombucha tea on tap. This is a great choice if you work downtown, want to be downtown, or just want to try something new. 





These are our favorite cafes. Each of them brings something new to the table. As always, Yellowfin Realty is here to help. We love our city, we love our state. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you have. While you’re at your next cafe, take a look at some of our new listings. 


You are ready to rock! The atmosphere is set, and your mood is golden. Now plug in those headphones, put on some Mozart, and get to work!

March 30, 2022

5 Adventures Awaiting You in Tampa | 2022

Some people can’t get enough of it. Some people haven’t given it a chance. Some people don’t make the time for it. No, not the gorgeous Florida sunshine. We are talking art, education, animals, history; it's all here in Tampa Bay. Do you remember how excited you would be when you knew it was field trip day? Early mornings, packed lunch boxes, a bus ride of anticipation; or our favorite touch; parents coming as chaperons. Who doesn’t love a change in routine? Something to spice up the morale. Something to bring friends and family together in a meaningful way. That is what field trips are and were for us. Yellowfin Realty is here to help plan your very own personal 2022 field trip. 

Glazer Children’s Museum

You never know what moment will be a defining one in your child’s life. Yellowfin Realty believes Glazer Children’s Museum(GCM) has the capability to be a defining moment for your child. We believe this because GCM goes above and beyond to partner with a child’s imagination. For ten years GCM has been a place for children 5 years and younger to learn with their eyes, ears, hands, and growing minds. Located on the Tampa Bay Riverwalk, this museum will be a delight to you and your family. GCM offers exhibits that introduce children to engineering, art, banking, farming, medicine, vet clinics, and more. The exhibits are a great way to better understand your child’s interests and for them to better understand this big world around them. There is more that we love about GCM. GCM understands the importance of outreach. They have gone above and beyond to serve their audience. Yellowfin Realty especially appreciates their free virtual online learning, Learn & Play @ Home.  

Learn & Play offers weekly live-facilitated sessions. The program also offers educational videos for your children to choose from. Videos that align with their interests. Learn & Grow is an amazing program that can be used prior to or after your visit to the museum to keep the excitement going. It is also a great way for those who may not be able to make it in person to experience the wonders of this museum. GCM prioritizes inclusion by offering Children’s Board Free Tuesdays. This program is from 10am-5pm. It is highly suggested to register prior and a group of ten or more cannot make it to this intimate party. If you are looking for a special parent/child date this is it. Please check out their website to see the other programs that accommodate your family’s needs. You can purchase tickets here. GCM truly is a child’s world. 

Tampa Museum of Art 

The Tampa Museum of Art is also located along the Tampa Bay Riverwalk. This museum made roots in Tampa 102 years ago. That's right, One Hundred and Two. in 1920, a board came together to find a way to get art into our lovely city, and boy did they bring it. The museum is infamous for holding the largest Greek and Roman collection in the southern-eastern United States. The museum proudly exhibits a 14,000 square foot LED installation by Leo Villareal. Tampa Museum of Art is a delight to all ages. It offers summer art camps for kids as well as year-round seminars for adults. The museum offers a unique program dedicated to individuals who may suffer from PTSD and depression, those in recovery, and more. The program is a way for consumers to find peace and an outlet in art. Click here to subscribe to all upcoming lectures. A few times a month the museum offers “Art of the House”. During these events, you can come and pick your own admission prices. The events offer a gateway to becoming more integrated into the art community. Best case you will come to this museum and be so inspired you will sign up for their Studio Art Courses. The courses are small classes that allow an intimate lesson in the arts. Go check this place out for $20. $20 to expose you to art and a community dedicated to learning. 

Tampa Bay History Center 

As much as Yellowfin Realty is dedicated to your future. We respect the past. Take a step back in time at the Tampa Bay History Center. The Tampa Bay History Center showcases 12,000 years of Florida history. That's right, 12,000! Since its grand opening in 2009, this museum is dedicated to the sunshine state. As you can imagine 12,000 years of Florida will have seen a multitude of people. At the museum, you will come to better understand Native American groups, conquistadors, pirates, and more. Resiliency is what sets humans apart. The exhibits at the museum give a peek into our ancestral lines. The ancestors who day by day year by year have molded Florida to be what it is today. 

The Tampa Bay History Center is also home to the Touchton Map Library, which is home to more than 8,000 original maps. There are three floors of history to explore. After exploring, make your way to the Columbia Cafe. The cafe pays homage to the original location located in Ybor City. The Columbia Cafe provides Spanish and Cuban dishes. Boy oh boy is Colombia’s Orginal 1905 Salad something else! After a visit here you will feel refreshed and rooted as well as inspired and ready for your next challenge. 

The Florida Aquarium 

Under da sea…under da sea, you know the song. Experience the sea with this immersive aquarium. A personal favorite of Yellowfin Realty. The Florida Aquarium prides itself on its three core values: respect, trust, and excellence. You will find these values throughout your visit. You will find the animals of the sea well-fed and content. 

There are ALOT of aquatic animals to discover here. The aquarium offers plenty of information you can read while looking but they also have experts throughout the exhibits happy to answer any and all of your questions. The Florida Aquarium focuses on 5 natural habitats: 

1. The Wetlands of Florida 

2. Journey to Madagascar 

3. Bays & Beaches 

4. Stingray Beach 

5. No Bones 

We will not spoil the animals and surprises you will find here. You will have to go see them yourself. The Florida Aquarium offers plenty of ways in which you can get involved whether it be volunteering, donating, or internships. You can feel great knowing that each admission ticket contributes to the wellness of our planet. 


There you have it, folks! Tampa is full of life, education, and fun- all the things needed for a fantastic personal field trip. We are so glad you got to stop by and read this. As always Yellowfin Realty is here for you! We love our business. We love our state and we look forward to assisting you with all of your real estate needs. Visit our website here to meet the team and see the newest listings. Your new home could be just a click away.


March 8, 2022

6 Epic Adventures Awaiting You on the Tampa Bay Riverwalk 2022

6 Epic Adventures Awaiting You on the Tampa Bay Riverwalk 2022

Let's have a great day, shall we? Yellowfin Realty has your back and your options. Building off of our last blog, 5 Amazing Restaurants Along The Tampa Bay Riverwalk | A Day In Tampa 2022, we are ready to set your day on the Tampa Bay River into action.

1. Paramount Water Sports

Did you know you can rent jet skis in the heart of Tampa? Well, now you do. Check out Paramount Water Sports located on Harbour Island. They offer single rider or tandem riders. Paramount Water Sports also offers a wonderful date night package, The Sunset Ride and Dine. The Sunset Ride and Dine is a partnership between Paramount Water Sports and American Social. The ride starts at 7 pm and ends with a $50 dinner voucher at American Social. This includes an 8:30 dinner reservation. All of this for a great deal of $149! I cannot imagine anything more fun than surprising your loved one with a sunset jet ski ride and good food. Paramount also offers 2.5 hour guided tours. Afterward, Paramount Water Sports will buy your first drink at American Social. 

2. Riverwalk Boating Company

If you want to enjoy the bay via water, here is another great option. The infamous green boats. You will see these throughout the day accompanied by a smiling driver. You can fit two people in them. River Boating Company offers 1 hour or 2-hour rentals. This allows plenty of time to explore the canals of Davis Islands. River Boating Company is dog friendly, and who doesn’t love a furry first mate? The boats reach up to 14 mph so you can enjoy a leisure adventure.

3. Tampa Bay Water Bike Company

Interested in something truly unique? Check out Tampa Bay Water Bike company. Stay active as you take on the water bike. This adventure allows single rider or tandem riders to explore the bay for an hour ($30) or up to two hours ($45). I am sure you can imagine the fun as you look at your friends and board this bike. Get a workout in or go at your own pace. That is the best part! Do not fret over personal balance. The bikes can withstand up to 350 lbs and will not fall over. Perfectly safe and a bike load of fun. (See what we did there?)

4. The Lost Pearl

 If you didn't know, Pirates are a big deal around here. Tampa is infamous for its love for pirates, which is expressed during the annual Gasparilla Parade. A glorious pirate invasion. Located in downtown Tampa, The Tampa Pirate Ship gives a little “Gaspy” every day. Embark on a 1.5-hour adventure aboard the Lost Pearl. The Lost Pearl is fun for all ages. Tickets range from $32 for an adult to $25 for children. Onboard you will experience pirate fun, including cannons and potential dolphin sightings. 

The Lost Pearl offers alcoholic beverages, soda, and snacks for its crew. The large red pirate ship is a staple in Tampa Bay and is always a pleasant sight. Click here for the Lost Pearl's most common FAQs. The next special event is the Lost Pearl’s St Patty’s cruise! This special occasion is offered March 12-13 2022. Do not miss this opportunity to take on St Patrick’s day on the water with green water cannons included. 

5. Armature Work’s Urban Kai

If you like to keep your body in motion, do not miss out on this experience along the river. Urban Kai offers paddleboard and kayak rentals. You can rent for various amounts of time including 1 hour or a for a full day. This location is open Sunday – Wednesday 10am – 7pm and Thursday – Saturday 10am – 8pm. 

6. The Pirate Water Taxi

Tampa’s pirate theme continues with this epic transportation system. The water taxi gets you where you want to go in true Tampa style. Open 7 days a week. The Pirate Water Taxi has 17 stops all along the river. Its most popular stops are Armature Works, Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, Davis Islands, and Channelside. All-day passes for adults are $25 and children’s are $15. What an epic deal. There is no better way to see Tampa than via the river. You can also purchase annual passes for $99.95. The Lost Pearl is a sure way to create a cherished memory. 

Pirate Water Taxi

As you have learned Tampa goes above and beyond to give its people plenty of water options. We at Yellowfin Realty hope you have enjoyed this information. We know how hard it has been for everyone to navigate planning since 2020. We are grateful Tampa has so many options to keep you safe and outdoors. We are here for any questions you have of Tampa Bay or its surrounding towns. Now get to booking and let's make some memories for 2022! Tune in on our next blog, which will give you great ways to stay cool and entertained in our beloved Florida heat. 


Feb. 14, 2022

5 Amazing Restaurants Along The Tampa Bay Riverwalk | A Day In Tampa 2022

5 Amazing Restaurants Along The Tampa Bay Riverwalk | A Day In Tampa 2022

It's your day off. A full day of potential. You are ready to embrace the outdoors and take a visit to Downtown Tampa. Luckily, Yellowfin Realty has you prepared. Let us paint a picture of your day. 

City of Tampa Landscape

 You are feeling the morning buzz as  the sun rises splattering the Tampa  skies with pinks and yellows. 


Our Recommendation: Your first stop  is Armature Works. Nestled on the north side of the Tampa Riverwalk, this eclectic spot features a diverse selection of foods ready to please any craving. Are you hungry? How about fresh coffee and a warm scone from Armature Work’s Buddy Brew to enjoy alongside the Tampa Riverfront? The best part about starting at Armature Works is you are now faced with the beginning of an exciting and convenient adventure. The Riverwalk. 



More Tampa Riverwalk Restaurants to choose from:

1. Ulele 

If you are a true foodie, Ulele is a popular spot for those wanting an aesthetic restaurant specializing

Armature Works Ulele

in native cuisine. Its menu offers all things Florida Food.. mmmm gator bites, “tastes like chicken!”It is THE place to be for a yummy brunch. More than a restaurant Ulele prides itself in its homage to the past, present, and future. Ulele honors Florida’s history, this is a family-owned business, sparked by Casimiro Hernandez Jr, whose restaurant roots began in 1903. Ulele ensures their food is organic, please do yourself a favor and read more about this unique experience as well as familiarize yourself with the family's humble beginnings. Mr, Hernendez Jr is survived by his Great Grandson, Richard Gonzmart. A Truly Inspiring Story. 

2. Rivers Edge Tampa 

Continue to enjoy breathtaking views of Downtown Tampa’s Riverwalk by dining At Rivers Edge Tampa. The Rivers Edge has large open windows you won’t miss a beat of the  outside sun. The River’s Edge  specializes in American Cuisine for all   times of the day, River’s edge offers  breakfast from 8 am-11pm and lunch  from 11 am-2 pm, dinner  times varies  offering food Sunday-Thursday 5 pm- 10pm. Fridays & Saturdays dinner is  offered 5 pm-11pm. . Therefore you can  plan your visit according to your taste  buds. The Riverwalk offers indoor and  outdoor seating. If you are in need of a  refreshing cocktail, this place has it  covered. 

3. Remedy On Tampa Riverwalk 

The Remedy is comparable to romantic movies. An ideal spot for date night. If you are looking to set the mood for a night with your significant other or close friends, Remedy offers the intimacy you are seeking. This outdoor grill and bar overlook the riverwalk and its mood flows with the setting sun to rising stars. There will more than likely be a DJ or a cool breeze to accommodate you as you sip a refreshing cocktail. Remedy is not open on Monday or Tuesday. Remedy is open Wednesday-Thursday 5p-11pm, Friday 5pm-12 am, Saturday 3pm-12am, Sunday 3pm-10pm. Offering a select menu they specialize in cocktails and sunsets. As you continue down the Riverwalk you will not miss this bar inviting you to stop by. 

4. Big Rays Fish Camp & Grille | The Sail Plaza 

If you find yourself starting on the Southside of the Riverwalk. Mosy on over to The Sail Plaza. The Sail Plaza is an outdoor bar and grille that provides open views of the bay, downtown, and water activities offered at River Walk Boating. It is a great place to stop by if you are on business trips, family affairs, or solo adventures. Big Rays Fish Camp & Grille offers a variety of take-out food, check out the menu here. The riverwalk is also OPEN CONTAINER so take your refreshment of choice with you as you embrace the day. 

5. American Social | Bar & Kitchen 

Our Recommendation: MAKE A RESERVATION 

This is a hot spot. With more views of the bay, this restaurant offers food, music, and good people. They offer outdoor and indoor seating. Fun fact dogs are welcome in all areas! This larger venue is great for a night out. 

City of Tampa

Who doesn't love great music and your favorite drink? American Social (AMSO) lives up to its name. Based on our experience, this is a great spot to meet new people. American Social specializes in American Cuisine with its Happy Hour being from 4pm-7pm Monday-Friday. The perfect hours to set the mood for your night. Our favorite combo? their Sangria and delicious B.L.A.T sandwich. Check out their full menu and hours for great fun any hour of the day. 

There you have it, folks. The lay of the Riverwalk Land if you will. Yellowfin Realty hopes you enjoy this information as our next blog will be a counterpart: Activities on the Riverwalk. Yellowfin Realty is a family-owned business all the way from its Broker to its Blogger. We hope to keep you informed on our beloved Tampa Bay. Connect with us and we will be happy to help with all questions/things Tampa Bay.


Nov. 17, 2021

Did you know that Tampa Bay has an Island?

Davis Islands Tampa Bay Premier Community

Davis Islands Bech


You’re tired after a long day. Stoplight delays add to the stress of the workday.   But thanks to the convenient location of your home on Davis Islands you know you will make it. You can make it to that wonderful sign welcoming you across the bridge to your own little community. You feel your shoulders relax and that sigh of relief as you look to your left and see beautiful Downtown Tampa lit up with encouragement. Then look to the right and see the calmness of the Bay.

To the residents of Davis Islands, this is one of the luxuries they face coming home. The small community of only eight hundred seventy-five acres is one that provides a little bit of everything for its residents. Davis Islands is one of the safest locations in Tampa Bay therefore you can feel great about raising your family within this community. It is very common to see families walking or riding their Golf Carts to and from spots on the island. If you have any budding baseball stars, Bayshore Little League Minors Field can be the perfect place for them to meet other teams and sharpen their talents. Davis Islands Park is in the field’s view for siblings or family members to play on their playground. Fun for all. Davis Islands has the perfect community for fending off the summer heat! There is a public pool as well as local beaches. The local beaches provide docking entry for your boats and even a separate Dog Beach for man’s best friend.

For individuals seeking to take on new hobbies or adventures, Davis Island Yacht Club is the perfect spot for boating especially sailing. They offer  Youth Sailing Classes that connect a unique community in itself. There is nothing better than a Saturday morning at Davis Islands Beach watching the sailboats race. If the intimacy of Davis Islands beaches is not fulfilling your beach day desires when living on Davis Islands you are always an hour away from another beach; Sarasota, St Pete Beach, and top-ranked Clearwater Beach being the top contenders.

Aside from the convenience of the Island itself, the homes are stunning. Each one with a personality of its own to showcase the “home” they are. What you will love about living on Davis Island is the residential bandwidth. You may see a recent college graduate like myself, families,  or maybe brush shoulders with a Tampa Bay Lightning player or Buccaneers Football player. If you want to love Tampa as much as I do, you know these are all crucial aspects of our community.

Speaking of exceptional sports, Davis Islands is roughly 2 miles from Amelie Arena and 5 miles from Raymond James Stadium, which means you never have to miss a game. Another great thing about Davis Islands is its location within the city! The walkability is fantastic as Davis Islands connects to Bayshore Boulevard the longest continuous sidewalk in the United States and the Tampa Riverwalk so there are many routes you can choose from without having to cross a busy street.

Many Americans are engulfed with their work and family responsibilities and understand the importance of getting out of the house, seeing a smiling face or feeling the sunshine on your cheeks. Davis Islands offers breathtaking views, my favorite being the view from the canal. I can see downtown Tampa and my neighbors starting their day with an encouraging morning breeze or winding down with a sunset of pinks, oranges, and yellows.

If you are looking for the feeling of a close-knit community but the benefits of city life, Davis Islands is the home for you.

Beach on Davis Islands

Oct. 5, 2021

Hayes Park Minor Subdivision

Hayes Park

     I bet you have seen the pictures of fire pits and outdoor fireplaces reflecting in a Florida swimming pool and wondered is this really possible. Land is at a premium in Central Florida, when you live in this part of Florida you are no more than 2 hours from either coast. You can imagine how many people are flooding to Florida during this historic time of migration. We think some of those people want the whole experience, they want to spread out with their families in homes on lots that allow for the fire pit and the swimming pool and the RV barn to all have a place. Most communities are built by regional or national home builders and those tracts of land are sliced into slivers to provide minimum outdoor space for families, their toys, and their pets, big homes on small lots are the norm.  We love our neighbors but knowing what they are grilling and how many folks are swimming in their pool is not the lifestyle we love best. We love our own space where the teens can gather to shoot hoops and the extended family can drop by to check out the garden plot after work. A special place where we mingle and visit without being confined by the community. Hayes Park has been recently created and it is a minor subdivision. The deed restrictions undergird the value but there is no community development district and no homeowner's association. Your home your way on your land is the appeal of this community. Only six lots and two of those are already sold. Lots 2, 3, 4, and 5 are available. We can suggest a custom builder or you can bring your own. Owning a home in Florida is a dream for so many we hope Hayes Park will be the terra firma that provides the base to create a magical world of your own.

     As discussed earlier Dover Florida is in Central Florida. It is an area just east of Valrico Florida. The country surrounds the community but the shopping and schools are nearby. Highway 60 crosses Florida from Clearwater's World Famous Beaches to the west or Vero Beach to the East. The Magic Kingdom is about an hour northeast and Lakeland and Tampa are easy commutes. 

     You have two years to build so buy the lot now and take your time putting the final touches on your Florida Dream Home.

MLS# T3328940


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April 14, 2021

Inspection Results in a Seller’s Market

Home Inspections are purchased by the buyers.  Buyers are prudent when they hire a licensed inspector to take an objective, expert view of a home.   Sellers are protected when buyers have a home inspection because there could be a latent defect uncovered that should be acknowledged prior to the transfer of the deed at closing. 


Inspectors are like your most picky Aunt Bee who comes with the white glove and checks out under the sink while she slips away to powder her nose only to return with an opinion on your most recent thorough cleaning.  Uncle Albert has nothing on the home inspector. Sure he knows insulation and everybody knows it’s important but this home inspector not only knows insulation but the seer rating on the a/c system and all critical elements for a homebuyer who is rushed to make a buying decision in a seller’s market. 


The 4 point inspection is a thorough report that notes issues with the systems in the home. The 4pt. can trip up the insurance provider and in turn cause issues for the Lender.   

What is a 4 point inspection in Florida?


A 4 point inspection looks at the 4 major systems (Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC) in an older home.   An insurance company wants to know that an older home has been well maintained, and the major systems are in good working condition. This is not a safety inspection.  They are done by a licensed inspector or building contractor. 


Here is what a 4 point inspection looks at:


  • Roof -  Type of Roof Covering (shingles, tile, rolled). The age and condition of the roof. Are there missing shingles or leaks?
  • Electrical System -  The type of wiring in the home (copper, aluminum, knob and tube). The brand of the electrical panel. The condition of the home's electrical system.
  • Heating and Cooling - Is there central heat and air in the home? The age and condition of the system. Are there signs of leaking?
  • Plumbing System -    Type of supply and drain lines found in the home (copper, CPVC, galvanized, lead, polybutylene, etc. Is there evidence of current leaks?  The age of the hot water heater.


Newer homes do not present as many issues but the complete home inspection will verify the maintenance and condition of the home so a buyer is prepared for future expenses. 


Working with a real estate professional is a first step in being sure when you purchase a home in Florida you understand the contract and it’s protections for both buyer and seller. 

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April 7, 2021

Why work with a selling agent?

Selling Agent

The real estate sale process in Florida is most often handled by two REALTORS.  Agents here can be hired by sellers to sell their home. This is referred to as a listing. The agent works for a Broker who provides certain tools to be sure a home is properly represented in the marketplace. The listing agent is expected to work with the seller to determine a fair and marketable selling price. Once a price is established the listing agent will begin to develop the marketing plan for a particular property including professional photographs, video work, and at times drone work. Through our multiple listing service, which is a fee-based system, agents then present the price, pictures, and personality of the home first to the real estate sales community and then through syndication to a myriad of other sites.  Agents can immediately monitor the reach of the syndication and the interest in the property with insight tools. 

The selling agent on a given transaction is an agent who is helping a buyer locate a home that meets their goals for a home.  Each buyer has a different lens through which to view properties based on their varied living experiences. A good real estate sales agent is consistently watching the market to understand what is available and where the next opportunity for a buyer may be found.  A buyer would expect their agent to have recommendations for lenders and services necessary to turn a home into a house. 

Listing agents co-operate with selling agents fully. Our working arrangement is based on shared values and our commitment to our Code of Ethics which spells out our responsibility to meet the needs of bother sellers and buyers to be sure there is a meeting of the minds by both parties and a successful closing that meets the needs of all parties. 


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