We all want a bit of good news. Well here it is - we have completed the Covid Avalanche of Real Estate Sales. No longer do you need to pick the only house available to you for your next home. - No more panic attacks while you wonder, wonder, wonder not who wrote the book of love, but if you WIN the bid on the house you love.
If you are selling you do not have to be ready for the tsunami of buyers and wonder if the offer is even from someone who has actually been to your home. Your home deserves serious consideration from buyers who have walked the lot and tallied the upgrades. If you are selling you are yet in a very strong position. We are in Florida. We started Yellowfin Realty in 2009 and focused on selling Blue Sky and Sunshine to people. The "market" was battered and bruised. Blue Sky and Sunshine continue to attract people from all over the world to our Peninsular Paradise.
Blue Sky and Sunshine
In the wake of inflationary trends and unknown price adjustments in rents and life essentials, May I suggest that homeownership is foundational to setting a cost anchor in place. A home is a place of security in a sea of uncertainty.
Real estate is local, well priced homes in good locations command attention from buyers - buyers are out right now in force enjoying the pursuit of a next-level home or first home. Agents are hosting Open Houses to allow buyers to consider neighborhoods and floor plans better to identify the right home at the right time.
The right time to buy or sell is when you are ready or have a want or need to do so. There is no wrong time. Rates are stabilizing, prices are too. The demand has stabilized so the prices are as well.
We are experienced in bringing buyers and sellers together. We love what we do. Our team can help you each step of the way.