Some people can’t get enough of it. Some people haven’t given it a chance. Some people don’t make the time for it. No, not the gorgeous Florida sunshine. We are talking art, education, animals, history; it's all here in Tampa Bay. Do you remember how excited you would be when you knew it was field trip day? Early mornings, packed lunch boxes, a bus ride of anticipation; or our favorite touch; parents coming as chaperons. Who doesn’t love a change in routine? Something to spice up the morale. Something to bring friends and family together in a meaningful way. That is what field trips are and were for us. Yellowfin Realty is here to help plan your very own personal 2022 field trip. 

Glazer Children’s Museum

You never know what moment will be a defining one in your child’s life. Yellowfin Realty believes Glazer Children’s Museum(GCM) has the capability to be a defining moment for your child. We believe this because GCM goes above and beyond to partner with a child’s imagination. For ten years GCM has been a place for children 5 years and younger to learn with their eyes, ears, hands, and growing minds. Located on the Tampa Bay Riverwalk, this museum will be a delight to you and your family. GCM offers exhibits that introduce children to engineering, art, banking, farming, medicine, vet clinics, and more. The exhibits are a great way to better understand your child’s interests and for them to better understand this big world around them. There is more that we love about GCM. GCM understands the importance of outreach. They have gone above and beyond to serve their audience. Yellowfin Realty especially appreciates their free virtual online learning, Learn & Play @ Home.  

Learn & Play offers weekly live-facilitated sessions. The program also offers educational videos for your children to choose from. Videos that align with their interests. Learn & Grow is an amazing program that can be used prior to or after your visit to the museum to keep the excitement going. It is also a great way for those who may not be able to make it in person to experience the wonders of this museum. GCM prioritizes inclusion by offering Children’s Board Free Tuesdays. This program is from 10am-5pm. It is highly suggested to register prior and a group of ten or more cannot make it to this intimate party. If you are looking for a special parent/child date this is it. Please check out their website to see the other programs that accommodate your family’s needs. You can purchase tickets here. GCM truly is a child’s world. 

Tampa Museum of Art 

The Tampa Museum of Art is also located along the Tampa Bay Riverwalk. This museum made roots in Tampa 102 years ago. That's right, One Hundred and Two. in 1920, a board came together to find a way to get art into our lovely city, and boy did they bring it. The museum is infamous for holding the largest Greek and Roman collection in the southern-eastern United States. The museum proudly exhibits a 14,000 square foot LED installation by Leo Villareal. Tampa Museum of Art is a delight to all ages. It offers summer art camps for kids as well as year-round seminars for adults. The museum offers a unique program dedicated to individuals who may suffer from PTSD and depression, those in recovery, and more. The program is a way for consumers to find peace and an outlet in art. Click here to subscribe to all upcoming lectures. A few times a month the museum offers “Art of the House”. During these events, you can come and pick your own admission prices. The events offer a gateway to becoming more integrated into the art community. Best case you will come to this museum and be so inspired you will sign up for their Studio Art Courses. The courses are small classes that allow an intimate lesson in the arts. Go check this place out for $20. $20 to expose you to art and a community dedicated to learning. 

Tampa Bay History Center 

As much as Yellowfin Realty is dedicated to your future. We respect the past. Take a step back in time at the Tampa Bay History Center. The Tampa Bay History Center showcases 12,000 years of Florida history. That's right, 12,000! Since its grand opening in 2009, this museum is dedicated to the sunshine state. As you can imagine 12,000 years of Florida will have seen a multitude of people. At the museum, you will come to better understand Native American groups, conquistadors, pirates, and more. Resiliency is what sets humans apart. The exhibits at the museum give a peek into our ancestral lines. The ancestors who day by day year by year have molded Florida to be what it is today. 

The Tampa Bay History Center is also home to the Touchton Map Library, which is home to more than 8,000 original maps. There are three floors of history to explore. After exploring, make your way to the Columbia Cafe. The cafe pays homage to the original location located in Ybor City. The Columbia Cafe provides Spanish and Cuban dishes. Boy oh boy is Colombia’s Orginal 1905 Salad something else! After a visit here you will feel refreshed and rooted as well as inspired and ready for your next challenge. 

The Florida Aquarium 

Under da sea…under da sea, you know the song. Experience the sea with this immersive aquarium. A personal favorite of Yellowfin Realty. The Florida Aquarium prides itself on its three core values: respect, trust, and excellence. You will find these values throughout your visit. You will find the animals of the sea well-fed and content. 

There are ALOT of aquatic animals to discover here. The aquarium offers plenty of information you can read while looking but they also have experts throughout the exhibits happy to answer any and all of your questions. The Florida Aquarium focuses on 5 natural habitats: 

1. The Wetlands of Florida 

2. Journey to Madagascar 

3. Bays & Beaches 

4. Stingray Beach 

5. No Bones 

We will not spoil the animals and surprises you will find here. You will have to go see them yourself. The Florida Aquarium offers plenty of ways in which you can get involved whether it be volunteering, donating, or internships. You can feel great knowing that each admission ticket contributes to the wellness of our planet. 


There you have it, folks! Tampa is full of life, education, and fun- all the things needed for a fantastic personal field trip. We are so glad you got to stop by and read this. As always Yellowfin Realty is here for you! We love our business. We love our state and we look forward to assisting you with all of your real estate needs. Visit our website here to meet the team and see the newest listings. Your new home could be just a click away.