Five Unique Cafes That Will Have You Ready to Work: Tampa 



Deep Breath. In through the nose out through the mouth. You smell fresh coffee and hear some small talk as those around you enjoy their day. You’re on a mission. A mission to be productive and to feel that wonderful feeling of accomplishment. It’s taken some discipline to get here but now you’re ready to get things done. Yellowfin Realty is here to help set the mood for your productivity. 


Laptop *check*

Notebook *check*

Best pen ever *check*

Coffee *check*

Atmosphere  *check*


Tampa has so many options when it comes to workspaces. As most of us have transitioned to remote or hybrid work, one can easily find themselves in their homes every day. Why not treat yourself and your mind to a change of scenery. Yellowfin Realty is here to recommend our five favorite cafes. 


DI Coffee Bar



If you’re looking for a small-town feel within the city. DI Coffee Bar is the perfect spot for you. Nestled along a strip of local restaurants on Davis Islands; this is a great location to sit back, sip some coffee, and get some work done. DI Coffee Bar offers inside and outdoor seating. It is a favorite among the locals on the Island. DI Coffee Bar is unique because it uses Panther Coffee. Panther Coffee is Miami-based, so you can enjoy a true Floridan coffee. Despite their unique coffee, they offer some amazing food. Yellowfin Realty’s recommendation is their breakfast Cuban paired with a warm blueberry muffin. 


Here is another little surprise... If you didn’t catch the word “Bar” in the name, well they offer adult beverages. Perfect for the workers wanting to stay from early hours to early evening. DI Coffee Bar is open Monday-Friday 6:30am-9pm, Saturday 7:30 am-9pm, and Sunday 7:30am-6pm. Once you are caffeinated and work is accomplished, treat yourself by driving to the end of the island. You will find the Seaplane Basin Park. You will enjoy fresh air and waterfront views. The park is a simple luxury that will recharge your spirit and really set the mood for the rest of your day. 



Brew Buddy- Hyde Park

Buddy Brew Coffee is a franchise with many locations in Tampa. However, we want to highlight the Hyde Park location. Come to this location to enjoy a day or an hour in Hyde Park Village. With plenty of free parking, this is a convenient spot to get some work done. If you are in a hurry you can order online ahead of time. The best thing about doing some work in Hyde Park is there are plenty of places to sit. You can enjoy a table beside the central fountain. Sitting beside the fountain you get to see Hyde Park Village in action as people stroll in and out of the stores. With your stop at Buddy Brew, you will quickly find inspiration for future outings. 








The Blind Tiger-Ybor City


Take a trip to Tampa’s Historic city, Ybor. We are guiding you to The Blind Tiger. The Blind Tiger does have other locations but was founded here. Coming to the Ybor location truly gives you the Blind Tiger experience. The founders wanted to create a cafe with a speakeasy atmosphere. When you come into the shop if you are not welcomed by Ybor’s famous roosters, you will be welcomed by beautiful artworks and enticing aromas.


The Blind Tiger prides itself on creating unique flavors and delivering excellent customer service. Another great thing about this location is it does give you a chance to visit Ybor City, a city paved in Tampa History. The 137-year-old city is a hub for a variety of communities and cultures who come here to work, play, and enjoy the restaurants and bars. Ybor City is truly one of a kind and coming to the Blind Tiger will initiate you into Ybor ways. 




Oxford Exchange’s Brew Master 

 Oxford Exchange is a wonderful space for working or studying. When you walk in you are greeted by its charming bookstore. Our personal favorite. Take a stroll through it and be inspired by authors and stories alike.


Within Oxford Echange is The Brew Master, their coffee shop. Oxford Exchange has multiple vendors inside, including a restaurant. We recommend purchasing a wifi day pass and sitting in the main hall. Tall ceilings and natural light will be your companion as you take in the wonderful paintings and aesthetics around you. It truly is a stunning venue that will not disappoint. 








The Attic Cafe

A downtown experience, the Attic Cafe is located on the 4th floor of a historic building. Take in the downtown views on their balcony or enjoy some AC inside. This cafe is somewhat of a hidden gem given its location. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared by Chef Rosa. They serve locally roasted coffee. If you are not looking for coffee they also offer kombucha tea on tap. This is a great choice if you work downtown, want to be downtown, or just want to try something new. 





These are our favorite cafes. Each of them brings something new to the table. As always, Yellowfin Realty is here to help. We love our city, we love our state. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you have. While you’re at your next cafe, take a look at some of our new listings. 


You are ready to rock! The atmosphere is set, and your mood is golden. Now plug in those headphones, put on some Mozart, and get to work!