Leaseback to Seller

So you want to move, we hear you loud and clear. The kids are home way more than in years past.

Working from home sounds great until you are sharing the workspace with a spouse, roommate, or at-home college student.   So what do you do…a new house is a great idea – outdoor space is a plus, a home office would alleviate congestion and an extra bedroom is essential.  

You are no longer commuting so now that you think about it, you can relocate further out from town or even to the beach but all you hear is there are no homes available. Who wants to sell their home and walk into the world of the unknown in a year of uncertainty. 

It is time for the leaseback. We put your home on the market so you can take advantage of the high demand for houses. We find a buyer who not only pays you want but understands your challenge and agrees to allow you to leaseback your home for 30, 60, 90 days while we find you your next home. Now your offer is no longer contingent on the sale of your home, you have your cash and you are a competitive buyer. We will help you find that next space. You could even build a new home and we can help with that as well. 

We need to open up the logjam of demand by walking with sellers to help them get into the marketplace this spring 2021.