Buying a new home from a builder is possible in the current market but all the rules have changed.

1.  The builders will not accept a contract contingent on the sale of your home.

2.  The demand for new homes is very strong.

3.  The role of the realtor has changed, our role is to educate and help evaluate your housing options. 


We stay informed on the next development, the build-out percentage in the current communities, And the requirements for entering into an agreement.


Builders build Spec Homes. These are homes built by a national or local builder for a buyer when the home is complete. The builder’s staff works with the builder to determine which floor plan to build and how to finish the home with regards to structural changes and cosmetic finishes. The Builder speculates that a buyer will come along and buy it when complete. These homes are called inventory homes. What you see is what you get.

We are consistently reaching out to builders in the greater Tampa community to determine who has what and for how much. Due to increased demand and shortages in the building supply pipeline. And the length of time required for an approved permit from the county to build the home our efforts must be steady.  Builders are scrambling to meet demand. 


To Be Built with Trac Builder. This is a way to purchase where we go to the builder and make decisions. 1st is which community, 2nd which lot, 3rd which model they offer, and last how do you want to personalize the home. This involves more time at the current pace nearly a year from start to finish. At the closing, you will have finished the home with all your favorite features and your choice of elevation, roof color, and even the tile. 


Custom Home Builders: These are the builders who construct a home on the lot you own. They build the house exactly as you want it. You provide the house plan and all the details that make it the dream home you have worked so hard for. The financing of these homes is a topic for another blog but it is doable. 


Realtors keep up with the building industry, Our role is to help you make the best possible decision for you and your family.   Tampa Bay real estate is increasing in value in the current financial environment. Our community is attracting people from all over the US. If you want to move let us help you.